Forum Site Feedback: Make Opening Links on Forum New Tab by Default (+ Differentiate Forum/App Favicon)(+ create optional tags)

Is there a way to do this currently? I keep losing the forum tab.

Also, It might be beneficial if the favicon for the… s a different color from… so they too can be differentiated in browser tabs

Also, how might it be possible for users to make new optional tags while creating a new post in the ‘Create a new Topic’ window

i can look into a way to set target=“_blank” for external links, but in the meantime i would recommend cmd+click.

This is a great suggestion, it’s been confusing me as well. I just changed it.

Can you clarify what you want the tags for?

Can you clarify what you want the tags for?

If this Discourse forum becomes the quasi-devlog, I foresee the liberal use of categorical tagging as a neat way to trace thematic evolution over the course of development. perhaps its not needed depending how well the Search function can parse the forums(idk, I’ve never used this before today)